Symposium FG
Advances in Inorganic Luminescent Materials

Giancarlo C. RIGHINI, Enrico Fermi Center & IFAC CNR, Italy
Marco BETTINELLI, University of Verona, Italy
Jean-Claude BÜNZLI, EPFL, Switzerland
Luis CARLOS, University of Aveiro, Portugal
Xueyuan CHEN, Fujian Inst.of Research on the Structure of Matter, China
Volkmar DIEROLF, Lehigh University, USA
Guoping DONG, South China University of Technology, China
Pieter DORENBOS, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
Philippe GOLDNER, Chimie ParisTech, France
H.T. (Bert) HINTZEN, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
Thomas JUESTEL, Muenster University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Rosa Maria MONTEREALI, ENEA, Italy
Shyue Ping ONG, University of California, San Diego, USA
Dirk POELMAN, Ghent University, Belgium
Federico ROSEI, INRS Centre for Energy, Materials and Telecommunications, Canada
Lauren SHEA-ROHWER, Sandia National Laboratories, USA
Kiyoshi SHIMAMURA, NIMS, Japan
Setsuhisa TANABE, Kyoto University, Japan
Kenji TODA, Niigata University, Japan
Xiao-jun WANG, Georgia Southern University, USA
Luminescence in inorganic materials arises from excitation from excitation from an external energy source, biochemical and chemical changes or reactions.  This symposium covers theoretical and experimental aspects of the luminescence phenomena in insulators, semiconductors, disordered and amorphous materials and in structures such as micro-cavity, photonic and plasmonic ones. Luminescent materials have wide applications: solid-state lighting, detectors, imaging analysis, display devices such as field emission, plasma and electroluminescent, biomarkers, medical diagnostics and photodynamic therapy, amplifiers, lasers, security labelling and energy conversion. Luminescent centers, energy transfer and migration, excited state dynamics, collective phenomena and spectroscopic methods and analyses are topic areas. The challenge to develop new compounds along with novel synthesis methods to form nano- to single-crystal compositions and methods to characterize the luminescence phenomena are included. Progress on scintillators, upconversion materials, sensor and imaging materials are covered. The goals of this symposium are to highlight recent progress,  promote discussions among the participants and further develop concepts for the application of luminescent materials.
Session Topics

FG-1 Physics, modelling, processing and characterization of luminescent materials

FG-2 Phosphors, quantum dots and low dimensional materials for lighting and displays

FG-3 Advances in scintillator development and upconversion materials

FG-4 Sensing and imaging

FG-5 Chemi-, bio-, sono-, thermo- and mechano-luminescence

FG-6 Light management for active applications and luminescent materials integration in devices

FG-7 Medical applications and bioimaging


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