Focused Session CA-12
Ceramic Joining: From Macro- to Nano-length Scales

Monica FERRARIS, Politecnico di Torino, DISAT, Italy
Akio HIROSE, Osaka University,Japan
Jolanta JANCZAK-RUSCH, EMPA, Switzerland
Wayne KAPLAN, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Yutai KATOH, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
Kevin M. KNOWLES, University of Cambridge, UK
Charles LEWINSOHN, CoorsTek, USA
Hans-Peter MARTIN, IKTS-Fraunhofer, Germany
Noritaka SAITO, Kyushu University, Japan
The demand for new applications for ceramics joints at different length scales, i.e. from nano/ micro-mechanical systems to large components is still growing and requires specialised joining solutions to meet complex end-product requirements. Challenges arise when components of differing materials with often incompatible behaviour must be joined and integrated in operating systems. This session, that follows the ones on the same subject held in previous CIMTEC Conferences, will discuss fundamental and practical issues of the joining of inorganic materials (i.e. ceramic-to-ceramic/-glass-metal-carbon), at different length scales. Experimental and theoretical viewpoints will be addressed concerning physical chemistry of surfaces and interfaces: wetting and interfacial reactions; diffusion and compound formation; joining techniques; joint characterization and testing; lifetime and reliability prediction of joints, and their in-service performance.
Session Topics

CA-12.1 Nano-scale interface of dissimilar materials

  • Interface science for integration of inorganic materials.
  • (Nano-)Thermodynamics and kinetics of interface formation
  • Mechanisms of wetting and adhesion
  • Characterisation and control of interfaces for high quality joints

CA-12.2 Micro-/nano-joining

  • Mechanisms and materials science of micro-/nano-joining
  • Nanoscale effects
  • Micro-/nano-joining techniques
  • Development of nanostructured joining materials

CA-12.3 Macro-joining

  • Advances in joining methods and materials, 3D-printing and Additive Layer manufacturing applied to joining
  • Joints of dissimilar materials
  • Prediction, measurement and control of residual stresses
  • Joint behaviour (strength, thermal and chemical stability, reliability…)
  • Joint modelling, design, characterisation and analysis

CA-12.4 Application engineering

  • Joining and integration issues at the macro-, micro- and nanoscales in diverse areas
  • Joining of nanostructures and their integration into devices and systems
  • Joining techniques for microelectromechanical systems and microelectronic packaging
  • Space, automotive, energy, biomedical and other ongoing or forecast applications


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